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MUUS & Company is the private investment firm of serial entrepreneur Michael Sonnenfeldt. Michael is the Founder and Chairman of Tiger 21, the world’s premier peer-to-peer network for ultra-high-net-worth individuals. Prior to creating Tiger 21, Michael was the founder of two of the most successful real estate ventures of the 1980s and 90s, The Harborside Corporation and Emmes & Co., and the Chairman of the Canadian solar energy company Carmanah Technologies (previously TSX:CMH; taken private in 2019). Michael has been involved in the founding, financing and leadership of dozens of ventures over a forty-year career, and has also been recognized for his philanthropic and political work, from international peacekeeping to environmental advocacy.

MUUS Sustainable Investments was created in 2016, with the core purpose of making venture investments in companies that are addressing climate change, but the flexibility to make investments in other areas as well. While portfolio companies are impact-focused, investment decisions are made based on return potential. Today, Sustainable Investments is the fastest-growing segment of MUUS, with over 20 portfolio companies, and funding available to make substantial additional investments. The portfolio has enjoyed strong performance to date, and the MUUS team is now looking to take the next steps in this exciting journey.


MUUS is adding Associate roles to the Sustainable Investments team, reporting to Sustainable Investment Principals Ben Wolkon and Laura di Bonaventura, and indirectly to Michael Sonnenfeldt. The role is based in New York City, although work would be remote until the COVID-19 pandemic subsides.

The Associate’s responsibilities will fall primarily into three areas:

  1. Evaluating new investment opportunities
  2. Supporting portfolio companies operationally
  3. Institutionalizing systems and processes to support the scaling of Sustainable Investments

In addition, flexibility and adaptability are prerequisites for cultural fit at MUUS. Candidates should be prepared for their roles to involve a wide range of other activities and opportunities.


Core capabilities required in candidates include:

  • Financial modeling and analysis – especially pertaining to the financing and operations of growth stage companies
  • Familiarity with operational challenges and opportunities in the “startup journey”
  • Masters-level knowledge of clean energy and climate change
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • The ability to work with minimal supervision or instruction while also being able to collaborate with a close-knit team

Creativity and “hustle” are as important as disciplined organization and attention to the smallest details.


It is preferable that associate candidates have a master’s degree in a relevant field, as well as an established network in the areas of sustainably-focused investing and entrepreneurship. That said, the MUUS team is willing to consider any candidate whose intellect, enthusiasm and fit with the team could result in success.

Diversity and inclusion are important principles being taken into consideration in this search process.

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This is nothing short of an extraordinary career opportunity for the right candidate. The new hire(s) will enjoy the benefit of nearly five years of momentum, access to a unique network, and almost limitless potential for growth; any successful candidate would play a meaningful role in accelerating that growth.

MUUS offers competitive compensation, including salary, benefits and performance-based compensation.

Please send resumes, cover letters, and other relevant materials to